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Fx Godfather is the most advanced Trading Indicator that is specifically designed to identify the Institutional Traps and provides high probability Signals in the direction of the Institutions and Big Players. Lets trade smarter together

Why Choose Fx Godfather?

Trusted by over 100+ Traders

Don’t settle for guesswork, our non-repaint indicator offer crystal-clear signals for profitable trades

Gives Multiple Trades in the right direction and No Trades against the Trend

It’s Unmatched accuracy can grow a small Forex accounts into a large account with minimal drawdown

How do I begin? Easy, make a free TradingView account and sign up with us at Fx Godfather


Our proprietary buy and sell algorithm is a complex system that identifies the Institutional Traps and indicates the most recommended time to enter a possible trade in the direction of the Big players of the Market


Our algorithms predicts the best timing to take profit on a trade using real time data and Smart Money tracking system


Our sophisticated algorithms detect and analyze market conditions in real-time, detects institutional traps, reducing the risk of losses due to market manipulation by large financial institutions.


Our Custom built formula identifies high risk to reward trades, helping you to maximize profits and minimize potential losses in your trading

Automated Alerts & Optimization

Automated Signals and Alerts for our  Subscribers. 

Alerts for all markets – as well as alerts and signals for different styles of trading. From swing trading to day trading.

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Frequently asked questions

Once you have purchased the indicator, you will get access to all the Fx Godfather tools on your TradingView account.

Access will be granted within  1 hour of your  purchase.

Fx Godfather indicator work on every asset and market such as stocks, crypto, indices, forex, futures, commodities, and more. Furthermore, it works on all timeframes and are completely customizable for different styles of trading.

No, you cannot win every trade with any algorithm, expert advisor, or strategy. This is because the market is unpredictable and dependent on the economy.

Our indicator  should not be followed blindly, therefore with work and patience you can gain a better perspective on the market and have a higher probablity trade on any market.

Yes! Our indicator are beginner friendly and easy to understand. If you’re new to trading then don’t worry, we have guides available for you to use to get started. 


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